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What Happens When You Die?
Encountering Jesus//Luke 20:27-44//Ben Hall
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The Politics of Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 20:19-26//Ben Hall
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Christ's Authority in the Gospel
Encountering Jesus//Luke 20:1-18//Ben Hall
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Jesus' Triumphal Entry
Encountering Jesus//Luke 19:28-48//Ryan Campbell
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The King's Return is Imminent
Encountering Jesus//Luke 19:11-27//Ben Hall
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How Jesus Saves Rich People
Encountering Jesus//Luke 19:1-10//Ben Hall
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Disillusioned or Desperate
Encountering Jesus//Luke 18:31-43//Ben Hall
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We All Have a Hunger
Encountering Jesus//Luke 18:18-30
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Our Desperation His Invitation
Luke: Encountering Jesus//Luke 18:1-17//Spencer Gray
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Deep Dive - Romans 8
What does it mean to live in the Spirit? Freedom. Steve and Ben talk through the Spirit-Filled life while looking at this promise rich passage of Scripture.
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God's Healing for the Abused-Part 2
Encountering Jesus//Luke 17:11-19//Ben Hall
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Deep Dive - Romans 7
Steve and Ben work through Romans 7, discussing the nature and role of the law for the Christian.
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God's Healing for the Abused
Encountering Jesus//Luke 17:1-10//Ben Hall
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Faith for Life
Encountering Jesus//Luke 16:19-31//Kevin Hardy
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Deep Dive - Romans 6
Steve and Ben discuss the power of God to bring about change in the hearts, minds and behaviours, through the resurrection as both process and event.

For the Preaching The Gospel to Myself notes click here:
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30&30 - Evangelism As Revelation
In this 30 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of questions, Pastor Bob (SCC Sicamous Campus Pastor) talks about how the Christian can share the gospel with those who are seeking spiritual truth.
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The Disciples and Money
Encountering Jesus//Luke 16:1-18//Jordan Gold
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Deep Dive - Romans 5
Steve and Ben carry on discussing the book of Romans, specifically chapter 5. In it we are introduced the blessings of justification and the reality of sanctification in the life of the believer as the apostle Paul sees them.
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30&30 - Hockey As Revelation
On this 30 & 30, Sorrento Campus Pastor Steve McLean speaks with Brinson Pasichnuk former NCAA Div 1 hockey player who recently signed with the San Jose Sharks. Brinson shares his faith journey from growing up in Bonnyville Alberta to playing hockey at Arizona State University describing how God revealed Christ to him during that time.
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Deep Dive - Romans 4
Steve and Ben work through chapter four of Romans focussing on the doctrine of justification by faith.
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30&30 Attachment As Revelation
As a follow-up to our Adoption As Revelation, this 30 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of questions centers on attachment. Pastor Ben discusses the unique way that God has created our brains for relationship and how the gospel can reshape how we experience relationships.
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The Lost Boys Part 2
Encountering Jesus//Luke 15:11-32//Ben Hall
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Deep Dive - Romans 3
Steve and Ben look critically and pastorally at Romans chapter 3 seeing critical Christian doctrines alongside supernatural grace.
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The Lost Boys
Encountering Jesus//Luke 15:11-32//Ben Hall
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30&30 - Money As Revelation
In this episode of 30 & 30, Sam Sartorious (CPA) discusses the role of finance and wealth in the life of the Christian, before answer questions on this often misunderstood area of life and spirituality.
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The Parable of the Lost Coin
Encountering Jesus//Luke 15:1-7//Ben Hall
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Deep Dive - Romans 2
Steve Janz and Ben Hall spend some time thinking through Paul's letter the Romans and the nature of judgement and justification in chapter 2.
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30 & 30 - Adoption As Revelation
In this 30 & 30, Dr. Barton Priebe walks through the biblical doctrine of adoption as one of the themes of all Scripture. From this beautiful truth that believers are adopted into God's family and relating to Him as Father, they are also able to demonstrate that same love to the fatherless in our communities.
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The Cost of Discipleship
Encountering Jesus//Luke 14:25-35//Jordan Gold
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Deep Dive - Romans 1
In this episode Steve Janz and Pastor Ben Hall unpack the controversial first chapter of Romans discussing both its declaration about culture as well as its power in the life of the believer.
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30 & 30 - Discernment As Revelation
30 & 30 is a weekly teaching followed by Q&A done by one of the pastors at SCC. In this first episode Pastor Ben Hall teaches about Biblical Discernment that helps Christians interpret the times that they are living in.
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God Wants a Full House
Encountering Jesus//Luke 14:12-24//Kevin Hardy
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Deep Dive Pod - Introducing Romans
In this new podcast stream from Shuswap Community Church Pastor Ben Hall and Steve Janz, Director of Millar College of the Bible, work through the book of Romans chapter by chapter to discover the transforming power of the gospel.
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Pride, Privilege, and Position in a Pandemic
Encountering Jesus//Luke 14:7-11/Ben Hall
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Another Pandemic Sunday
Encountering Jesus//Luke 14:1-6//Ben Hall
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COVID-19: Solidarity with the King
Luke: Encountering Jesus//Luke 13:31-35//Ben Hall
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Narrow Door, Hell, and Choosing Christ
Luke: Encountering Jesus//Luke 13:22-30//Jordan Gold
Download (13566KB)

The Kingdom of God
Luke: Encountering Jesus//Luke 13:10-21//Jordan Gold
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COVID-19: Patience in Pandemic
We are SCC//Romans 8:18-25//Ben Hall
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Jesus and the Insecurity of Tragedy
Encountering Jesus//Luke 13:1-9//Ben Hall
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COVID-19-Judgement and Mercy
Encountering Jesus//Luke 12:49-13:5//Ben Hall
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Stand Alone Sermon
Easter Sunday//Luke 24:1-12//Jordan Gold
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Good Friday
Stand Alone Message//Psalm 28:1-2;6-9//Ben Hall
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The Son of Man is Coming
Encountering Jesus//Luke 12:35-48//Steve McLean
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COVID-19-Jesus vs. Anxiety
Luke-Encountering Jesus//Luke 12:22-34//Jordan Gold
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COVID-19 - Jesus vs. Idols
Encountering Jesus//Luke 12:13-21//Ben Hall
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Jesus vs. Fear
Luke: Encountering Jesus//Luke 12:1-12//Ben Hall
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Jesus vs. Religion
Luke: Encountering Jesus//Luke 11:37-42//Ben Hall
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Jesus vs. Unbelief
Encountering Jesus//Luke 11:29-36//Ben Hall
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Jesus vs. Satan
Encountering Jesus//Luke 11:14-28//Ben Hall
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Christmas Means That God Exists and that God Loves Us
Christmas Means//John 1:9//Ben Hall
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Christmas Means That God Unified the Physical with the Spiritual
Christmas Means//Ben Hall//John 1:14
Download (20810KB)

Compassion Sunday
Christmas Means//Acts 3:1-10//Ben Hall and Jey Mbriro
Download (15202KB)

Christmas Means You Are Not Alone In The Universe
Christmas Means//1 John 1:1-4//Ben Hall
Download (19080KB)

When the Pain Just Won't Go Away
Stand Alone Message//Richard Magill//Psalm 88
Download (17146KB)

Productivity, Presence, & Friendship with Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 10:38-42//Ben Hall
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The Merciful and Good Samaritan
Encountering Jesus//Luke 10:25-37//Jordan Gold
Download (18987KB)

The Spirit, The Father, Jesus and Us
Encountering Jesus//Luke 10:21-24//Ben Hall
Download (21588KB)

Winning, Rejoicing, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 10:17-20//Ben Hall
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Prayer, Conviction, Convictions, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 10:1-16//Ben Hall
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The Cost of Following Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:57-62//Andy defog
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Culture, Tribes, Rebuking, and Receiving Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:51-56//Ben Hall
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Pride, Position, Proximity, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:46-50//Ben Hall
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Glory, Demons, Unbelief, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:37-43//Ben Hall
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Gospel Centred Community
Stand Alone Message//Acts 2:41-47//Jordan Gold
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Glory, Humanity, More Glory, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:28-36//Ben Hall
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All-In Discipleship, Self-Forgetfulness, True Life and Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:23-27//Ben Hall
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Perception Is Not Always Reality
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:18-22//Andy deHoog
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Jesus Always Satisfies
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:10-17//Jordan Gold
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As The Father Sent Me So Now I Send You
Encountering Jesus//Luke 9:1-9//Justin Birks
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Sustained in Suffering by Miraculous Grace
Encountering Jesus Series//Luke 8:40-56//Spencer Gray
Download (15690KB)

Effects, Outcome, and Conqueror of Demons
Encountering Jesus Series//Luke 8:26-39//Jordan Gold
Download (15783KB)

Storms, Fatigue, Faith and Jesus
Encountering Jesus Series//Luke 8:22-25//Ben Hall
Download (13438KB)

Gospel, Life, Light, Family, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus Series//Luke 8:4-21//Ben Hall
Download (16921KB)

Women, Partnership, Safety, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus Series//Luke 8:1-3//Ben Hall
Download (22052KB)

Close, Kind, Tears, Forgive, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus Series//Luke 7:36-50//Ben Hall
Download (18732KB)

Doubt, Disappointment, Greatness, Jesus
Encountering Jesus Series//Luke 7:18-35//Ben Hall
Download (20427KB)

Death, Devastation, Resurrection, Salvation, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus//Luke 7:11-17//Ben Hall
Download (19905KB)

He Is Worthy
Encountering Jesus//Luke 7:1-10//Jordan Gold
Download (16131KB)

What Are You Building On?
Encountering Jesus//Luke 6:46-49//Dan Steenson
Download (19138KB)

Fruit, Flowers, Regeneration, Change, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus
Luke 6:43-45
Ben Hall
Download (19955KB)

Judgement, Condemnation, Examination, Grace, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus
Luke 6:35-42
Ben Hall
Salmon Arm
Download (17791KB)

Loving Difficult People
Luke 6:25-27
Download (14425KB)

Gospel Centered Rest
Luke 6:1-11
Download (14854KB)

The Chosen, The Sinner, The Sick, and Jesus
// Encountering Jesus //
// Luke 5:27-32 //
// Ben Hall //
Download (18546KB)

Friends, Pharisees, Forgiveness, and Jesus
// Encountering Jesus //
// Luke 5:17-26 //
// Ben Hall //
Download (21507KB)

Abuse, Shame, Desperation, and Jesus
// Encountering Jesus //
// Luke 5:12-16 //
// Ben Hall //
Download (18616KB)

Disciples Make Disciples
Jordan Gold //
Luke 5:1-11 //
Encountering Jesus
Download (18895KB)

The Authority of Jesus
Encountering Jesus Series// Andy DeHoog //Luke 4:38-44
Download (16294KB)

Demons, Deliverance, and Jesus
Ben Hall //
Encountering Jesus //
Luke 4:31-37 //
Download (20276KB)

Shepherds, Kings, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus: The Gospel of Luke
Download (15551KB)

Why Christmas Is A Big Deal
Encountering Jesus: The Gospel of Luke
Download (21077KB)

Kingdom of Light
Encountering Jesus: The Gospel of Luke
Download (17587KB)

Seeing Salvation
Encountering Jesus: The Gospel of Luke
Download (15980KB)

When God Visits
Jordan Gold
Download (20032KB)

God Rescues
Ben Hall
Download (16503KB)

Faith Believes What God Says
Encountering Jesus // Luke 1:26-38
Download (15446KB)

Confident About Christ
Encountering Jesus: The Gospel of Luke
Download (15620KB)

Is There More to Life Than This?
Jordan Gold
Download (18070KB)

What's Wrong With Me?
No Easy Answers #2
Download (19986KB)

Can God Be Trusted?
// No Easy Answers //
// Salmon Arm //
// September 16th //
Download (14866KB)

John Newton // Amazing Grace
Pastor Ben Hall
September 2nd, 2018
Salmon Arm
Download (14308KB)

Zhang Ronliang // Standing With Christ
1 Peter 4:12-19

Salmon Arm

August 26th, 2018

Ben Hall
Download (18523KB)

EPIC Faith - Abraham
The Faith of Abraham Inspires Us Today
Download (29721KB)

J.I. Packer // Faithful Stewardship
// Andy deHoog //
// Salmon Arm //
// July 17th, 2018 //
Download (15667KB)

Epic Faith - David
Epic Faith Series
Download (21008KB)

Edith Schaeffer // Radical Hospitality
// Jordan Gold //
// July 15th, 2018 //
// Salmon Arm //
Download (16433KB)

Take These Things Away // Andy deHoog
// John 2:13-17 //
// Salmon Arm //
// June 24th, 2018 //
Download (16027KB)

God's Provision // Jordan Gold
// Philippians 4:10-20 //
// June 17th, 2018 //
// Jordan Gold //
// Salmon Arm //
Download (15911KB)

Peace That Guards The Mind
Peace That Guards The Mind
Philippians 4:8-9
Salmon Arm
Ben Hall
Download (15481KB)

Anxiety Remade // Ben Hall
// June 3rd, 2018 //
// Salmon Arm //
// Philippians 4:2-7 //
Download (15028KB)

Living Clearly // Ben Hall
// May 27th, 2018 //
// Philippians 3:17-4:1 //
// Salmon Arm //
Download (18163KB)

Gospel Contentment and Discontentment
Philippians 3:12-16
May 20, 2018
Salmon Arm
Pastor Jordan Gold
Download (22398KB)

The Power of the Resurrection // Ben Hall
May 13th, 2018 //
Philippians 3:10-11 //
Salmon Arm //
Download (19219KB)

Blameless or Righteous?
May 5th, 2018
Philippians 3:4-9
Salmon Arm
Pastor Ben Hall
Download (10769KB)

Choosing Joy
Philippians 3:1-3
April 29th, 2018
Salmon Arm
Pastor Ben Hall
Download (0KB)

Gospel Consequences (What Is The Story That God Is Telling With Our Lives?)
Philippians 2:25-30
April 22, 2018
Salmon Arm
Pastor Ben Hall
Download (0KB)

Fresh Examples
Philippians 2:19-24
April 15, 2018
Salmon Arm
Pastor Andy deHoog
Download (0KB)