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Block's Prayer Letter July 2020
Latest from the Block's
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Charity Cadieux - Prayer Newsletter July 2020
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Dyck's June 2020 Prayer Letter
Hope you all have a greet fin de semana. (weekend)
Be encouraged as we all walk so many different journeys but I believe the same goal, walking with the Lord.

Howard and Susan.
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Janz - Update and Prayer Letter June 2020
Latest from Denver and Katie Janz in San Carlos, Mexico
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Peters June 2020 Prayer Letter
Hello SCC friends.

Just a quick check in.
We are fine here in LA. I am sure you have heard of the unrest in our city. Yes, there have been curfews from 6pm-6am last night. We are doing fine here at our home. We are not close to any protests or looting, it is a few miles away in downtown LA area and furthur away in Santa Monica and Long beach.
Please keep us and the city of LA in your prayers

Here is our June prayer letter. Our prayer letters will always be at the following link. Every 2 months.


Doug & Cynthia Peters
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Charity Cadieux -April 2020
Hi Church Family,

I hope that you are all doing well. I have been on my home assignment here in Canada for 8 months out of a 9 month term which will probably (and sadly) be extended due to the COVID crisis. These last weeks have been completely different than the plans I made. One thing that has been so evident to me is that the church is the body of Christ. I miss the meeting together here in Canada and in Ghana because the church is the people of God, not a building. In Ghana, not all villages have their own building, some meet in a house, under a tree or in a classroom. Does this diminish the beauty of the body of Christ? Not at all because it is about the people that have gathered, its about the relationship and love we have for each other and for our neighbours, it is a place that we can gather together in unity and worship the most amazing and wonderful God. We hear God’s word given and are challenged and encouraged to grow in our faith and love of Jesus. We go forth into the week with this beautiful gift of the Body. The virus may have ‘seemed’ to steal this from us…yet I am hearing how God is giving new opportunities to the church around the world to reach out in creative ways. It is exciting to see how God will use us in this particularly difficult and unfamiliar season of life. I have taken it for granted and mourn the loss of something that may not be possible for some time. But I am also seeing the beauty of what God is and will do with unifying the body of Christ and mobilizing the church for His kingdom work. I am praying for SCC, for churches in Canada, in Ghana and around the world as we navigate this new world and continue to build God’s kingdom.

Here is a little clip of a church that meets in a classroom in a village called Sakalu. It's one of the places that I love to be - praising Jesus together with these precious people. Please pray that God would strengthen their faith and love for Him and that they would be unified and committed to loving their community. Copy and paste the link:


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Pulsifer - May 2020
Pulsifer Media Missions - What is God showing Church leaders in this Pandemic?
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Allen, April 2020
Dear Friends, Supporters, Churches, et. al. (I'm never quite sure what that means but it's fun to write)...

Here is a quick update from the quarantine in Argentina. The nice thing is, we live on a spacious property so we don't feel shut in. Besides the letter I'm attaching, we have some more news for your prayers. Some of you may remember us talking about two ladies who were very sick when we left Argentina for home assignment in January 2019. Eva died a year ago this month. I was in contact with Emilda several times in the past 10 days. She was finally sent to Buenos Aires where she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Due to the change of governments and the Corona Virus, she missed two months of chemotherapy since the hospital here in Salta didn't have any medication since all funding has been channeled into virus control.

After conversing with her son, I was able to make contacts with a network of pharmacies and we were able to get her the medication she needed. It took a week to arrive and last Monday she came to Salta to have her labwork. She called Monday night to let me know she needed more medication for the chemo on Tuesday morning. Getting to the main pharmacy in town involves going through seven police checks, but the medications were in and we were able to get it to her about 10 PM Monday. Tuesday she had her chemo and returned to her home town, a four hour drive from Salta. She is down from 32 kilos to 25 kilos of weight, but has responded well to the chemotherapy when she can get it. She's due to be back in Salta in 3 weeks for a check up and then they'll determine if they can section her stomach to get rid of the cancer. This has been a rough two years for her and her family.

Thanks again for praying and helping support our part in God's ministry in Argentina - Rod and Jackie
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Life in Mexico: Moving Forward In Hope
Denver and Katie Janz
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Media Missions - Called to 'Stay the Course'!
Craig and Lib Pulsifer
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Block April 2020
Block April 2020
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Allen Power Point
An overview of the ministry of Rod and Jackie Allen in Argentina.
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Peters' Prayer Letter - April 2020
Copy the following link for a video update from the Peters family: https://youtu.be/bfwV8HC83Ds
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K Block
K Block March 2020
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Dyck's Doings March 2020
Howard and Susan Dyck
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Allen March 23, 2020
Allen March 23, 2020
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San Carlos (COVID-19)
San Carlos (COVID-19)
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The Temporary Canadian Wanderer
Charity Cadieux, March 2020
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Mexico Life for the Janz's 2020
Mexico Life for the Janz's 2020
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Dyck Prayer Letter - March 2020
Dyck Prayer Letter - March 2020
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K Block March Letter
K Block March Letter
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Allen Prayer Letter - February 2020
Allen Prayer Letter - February 2020
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Peters' Prayer Letter - February 2020
Peters' Prayer Letter - February 2020
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Dyck Prayer Letter - January 2020
Dyck Prayer Letter - January 2020
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Allen Prayer Letter - October 2019
Allen Prayer Letter - October 2019
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Peters, October 2019
Doug and Cynthia Peters serving in Los Angeles.
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Charity Cadieux -August 2019
An update and story from Charity Cadieux in Ghana.
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August 2019 Dyck's Doings
August 2019 Dyck's Doings
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Peters' Prayer Letter - August 2019
Peters' Prayer Letter - August 2019
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Rod & Jackie Allen - May 2019
Rod & Jackie Allen - May 2019
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Charity Cadieux -May 2019
Charity Cadieux -May 2019
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Dyck Prayer Letter - May 2019
Dyck Prayer Letter - May 2019
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Dyck Prayer Letter - April 2019
Howard and Susan Dyck's Newsletter for April 2019
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Peters' Prayer Letter - April 2019
Peters' Prayer Letter - April 2019
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Allen Prayer Letter - February 2019
Rod and Jackie Allen Prayer Letter - February 2019
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