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Chase Update - November 2019

Hello Church,

This has been an exciting fall at SCC Chase. We are in full swing with ministries launched and Christmas
knocking on the door. We have a lot to look forward to and much to celebrate.

In September we launched a youth group in Chase. As I have shared before there are close to 600
students in this community and many of them have no connection to church or relationship with Jesus. By
launching youth and continuing to run our Kids Zone program we have created a place for each one of these kids, grades k-12, to have the opportunity to meet Jesus. Youth started slow but has grown and we pray that it will continue to grow. One young man that comes to youth attended Sunnybrae Bible Camp this past summer.  We were able to make a connection with him through that relationship and he has come to youth every week.  He has been wrestling with the materials and what a life of faith can look like for him.

At the end of October over fifteen ladies, who are connected with our church, went away together for
their IF mini conference. All of the women who attended came back refreshed and renewed and would not
stop raving about the amazing time they had. We have many ladies who attend the church from various
backgrounds who have found the IF tables hosted by our church to be such an encouragement to them. I have to admit that my wife Rachel is amazing. She has built many meaningful relationships with the women of our church and has been spear heading this part of the ministry here. She is a blessing to our family and the church. I couldn’t do what we do without her.

Recently we have had a young boy attending church on Sunday mornings. He lives with his grandma
and their house burnt down a couple of months ago. The grandma is still hesitant to come and join in the
service and often hangs out by the door with a coffee or comes and goes throughout the service. Her
grandson races through the doors each week and loves coming. They have experienced significant loss and are searching for answers and have come to church to get them. We have been able to support the family and help provide for some of their needs. This past Sunday the grandmother shared with me that her grandson had been going through some challenges but since attending church he has been like a new boy. God is using his church to give hope to this family in need.

On October 13 th we celebrated our one year anniversary. This milestone has seen me reflecting on the
work God has and is doing here in Chase. I can’t help but feel blessed by all that I have seen and experienced over this last year. We have seen God at work in so many different ways through His church. If you have been following my last few letters you will have seen and heard many amazing stories; a young girl coming to faith at Sunday school, us celebrating Jesus in the park as the community watched, a family from kids zone coming to church for the very first time and many others. Everything that has happened here in the last year has been the work of God. Jesus promised to build His church and we are on the front lines seeing Him faithfully keeping His promise. Please continue to pray for the work in Chase and our family as we serve. God is working but that work is far from done and I echo the words of Moses in Deuteronomy 3 where he says,

“O Lord God, you have only begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand. For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as yours.” 

God has much to do here and we have only begun to see the glory of God revealed in His work in Chase and I can’t wait to see what He will do next!

Pastor Spencer Coers
(250) 306-3527