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Chase Update - March 2019

Here is the latest update on SCC Chase. In the New Year we launched up a new season of SCC Kids Zone.  We ran from January 15th-March 9th. One of my highlights at kids’ zone was our giant fort challenge event. We collected up a bunch of large boxes and old sheets and split the kids up into teams. Each team was responsible for building a giant fort using team work and their imagination. It was a blast! We had 36 children come out to this event, the largest turnout for an SCC Kids Zone event ever in Chase. News of this event even made it onto the front page of the Chase Sunflower, the local newspaper! For this last season of Kids Zone we really focused on sharing some of the stories of Jesus, his life and ministry. It was amazing to see kids and parents focus in during our story time to engage with the messages. At out last event on March 5th we were able to give away a number of bibles to some of the children that attended so that they could read more about Jesus at home as we take a break for the next month. 

On February 22nd we hosted a family movie night at the community hall. It was a great event and everyone who came had a blast. We had a few technical issues and had to battle through a blizzard to get things ready in time. Through the chaos we were able to offer a fun family hang out to fifty people from the community, most of which were new faces to us and the church. Rachel was able to connect with a single mom of one of the boys who attends Kids Zone. This mom has faced a couple of challenges lately. She was forced to move recently and needed a few things for her new house. The church was able to help her out with some used furniture to help her get settled. After connecting with Rachel she came out to an If table meeting held in Chase. This non Christian mom was able to see women share stories of the struggles they face each day. She got to see how their faith in Jesus grounds them and gives them hope through the trials of life. After the meeting this mom reached out and expressed interest in attending the upcoming Sunnybrae Women’s retreat with the other ladies from our church. Slowly we get see God working in the hearts of people in Chase drawing them, step by step, closer to Himself! This mom would love to send her son to Sunnybrae this summer but for a single mom this can be hard. If there is anyone who might be able to help bless and support this family please get in touch with me because I think it would be amazing if we could help this boy get to camp and hear about Jesus!

On the horizon we have a few things we would love prayer for as we continue to serve out in Chase. In April we will be hosting an Alpha Course in Chase. We believe this will be a great tool for our church. We desire to build into our congregation as well as empower them to reach out to their friends and family. We are all called to go and make disciples and I want SCC Chase to have discipleship and evangelism built into our DNA. Please be praying for the people that come and the team members that are leading it. I have shared stories before about some people we have connected with in Chase. One such story was of a family that came to church together for the first time at Christmas Eve. At our last kids zone event I was able to invite this family to come to Alpha. Please pray specifically for them, that God would work in their heart and move them to come and connect with us and explore who Jesus is.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and encouragement. We are trusting in God to build His church and are patiently waiting, excited for all the things He is planning to do in Chase. If you would like to come and visit and see what is going on at SCC Chase please come on out. We meet on Sunday Evenings at 5:35pm at the community Hall and would love to have you join us sometime.

Pastor Spencer Coers
(250) 306-3527