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Chase Update - November 2018

Hello Church,

Here is the latest update on SCC Chase.

On October 7th we moved into the Chase Community Hall for Sunday evening services at 5:35pm. It was a great night with lots of support from the whole of SCC. We have seen many new people coming out on Sunday evenings over the last few weeks. What has been really neat is seeing the new people not just coming out, but really connecting into our church through Life Group and other relationships in the church. We have also been very thankful for the various people who have come out to serve each week alongside our Chase teams. We have had teams come and lead music, or help set up chairs. It has been great to see all of SCC rally around us.

On the 10th we launched our first SCC Kids Zone event for children grades k-6. We had 18 kids out and played some fun balloon inspired games. By the end of the night the room was filled with smiling and laughing kids as well as the carnage of 170 exploded balloons. Zone has continued to run each Wednesday and we have had many new kids come.

On the 31 st of October, for Halloween, we borrowed some equipment from our friends at Sunnybrae Bible Camp and had an amazing night playing glow-in-the-dark dodge ball and handing out bags full of candy. We had close to 40 children come throughout the night with their parents to Kids Zone that night and we are expecting to see many of them out this next Wednesday. We have a few more weeks of Kids Zone before we take a break for the Holidays and we are looking forward to all that God will do through these events.

The start up of SCC Chase has been going really well. Our team and both Rachel and I are encouraged by the response we have seen and the work God has been doing. As we head into the winter we have more exciting things on the horizon. We have begun to look at putting together a team to address some of the needs of the youth in the community. We are hoping to be able to run some events for the older kids, grades 7-12 in the New Year and really begin to pour into the lives of young people in Chase.

On November 30th and December 1st we are also working alongside community groups to organize a special Community Christmas Event. Each year the people and shops of Chase spend time getting the community ready for Christmas by hosting a special event called Chase Country Christmas. This year we are joining the team of organizers and working to bring the true meaning of Christmas into the festivities. We will have a nativity set up in one of the downtown parks which will share the story of Christmas as well as a bonfire, some hot apple cider and carollers singing Christmas hymns. This will be a great opportunity for us to get into the community and display Jesus to a watching world. It will be a large production for our small church to run so we are asking for some people from the rest of SCC to come and help out. If you are free that evening and able to help please get in touch.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are really excited about all the things that God is doing and will do in the community of Chase. Please continue to pray for us because we know that apart from God we can do nothing and so we need his Spirit to work and move if we have any hope of making an impact in Chase.


Pastor Spencer Coers
(250) 306-3527