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Chase Update - July 2019

Hello Church,

Here is the latest update on SCC Chase. Here is a glimpse into what has been happening in Chase over the past few months. Everyone has made the switch into summer mode and so have we in Chase.

 In my last letter I shared about some of the exciting things that happened through our Alpha program and Kids zone which have ended for the season. Though the programs have ended the relationships made have continued on. One lady that attended our spring Alpha has begun attending the church regularly. She grew up in the church but has walked many years away from a life with God. Two weekends ago she came up to me after the service and pulled me aside. She wanted to share with me how each week she comes and listens to the message and each week she leaves feeling like I was speaking directly to her. She shared how each message spoke to something from her week and her past. God has been working to grab hold of her life again and it was so beautiful to hear how the Holy Spirit has been working in her heart through the church. She has begun diving into the Bible herself and has been reading it with her kids. She is rediscovering what it means to live a life of faith. 

On June 16th the Chase and Sorrento Campuses teamed up for a joint service. We gathered together at the park in Chase for a meal and service. It was a special time of fellowship between our two campuses. What was more amazing was the number of people who wandered over to check out what was going on. One lady and her two sons, who had been enjoying the day at the beach, came over. She works with one of the ladies from the Sorrento campus and was excited to join us for the evening.  Another family that we had met through the community soccer league also wandered over to hang out and have dinner with us. It was really awesome to be able to put our church on display for the whole community. 

This summer SCC Chase has a few community outreach events planned. One is our SCC Summer movie series. On the last Friday of the month we are hosting a free community movie night. These events are opportunities for us to meet people in Chase. On this past Friday we held our first movie night of the summer and had close to 20 new faces to our church walk in the door. We hope that throughout the rest of the summer we continue to meet many new people in Chase.

Last year for Canada Day we joined with the Gideon’s and handed out over 600 bibles to the community. This year SCC Chase marched in the parade again. We had about 10 people from our church walk through the streets handing out kids Bibles, Soccer Camp t-shirts, soccer balls and over 350 SCC Chase flyers. These flyers had information about our church as well as some coupons for our summer movie nights and soccer camps. This year is was amazing to see how many faces in the crowd we recognized. It was even more exciting to hear how many people from the crowd recognized us. Our vision for the church plant this past year was to be a church that is present in the community. Chase is beginning to see SCC as a part of their community which is beautiful.  

After the parade we were able to spend the afternoon serving alongside the E-Free Church in Chase hosting kids activities and handing out free cotton candy at the park. We handed out over 600 cotton candy cones to the community and watched many of those kids play games and have fun on the Sunnybrae Carnival Equipment. (A side note call out and huge thank you to Sunnybrae! They are a huge support and this event was made possible by their generosity in lending us their gear for the day. They are the best!) This was a really neat experience. The churches in Chase, historically, have been very divided. To have two churches stand side by side and love their town together was a huge statement to the people of Chase. In a town where the church is often criticized for their lack of relationship this event was a step in the right direction toward building unity amongst the body of Christ. 

The last exciting announcement from Chase is that beginning on July 7th we will be hosting church on Sunday mornings at 10AM. That is right! We are moving to morning services! We believe this is the right time in the life of our church to make this move. We are excited for the switch and are looking forward to the new opportunities and people this change will bring.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and support. We value the whole of SCC and are daily encouraged by the reports from across the Shuswap of people praying for the work in Chase. We continue to seek to follow Jesus as he leads us and his church through the summer and into the fall. June 15th marked my first anniversary as the Chase campus pastor. Our family has been blessed and encouraged by the love of support of the church as we endeavour to reach Chase with the transforming message of the Gospel. It has been a great year and we expect the year to come to be nothing short of amazing and with Jesus at the helm we know we will not be disappointed. 


Pastor Spencer Coers

(250) 306-3527