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Chase Update - January 2019

Chase, BC

We wrapped up SCC Kids zone on November 28 th with a special candy auction and ugly sweater party. The kids had a great time and we finished the year on a high note. We will kick off Kids Zone again on the 15th and it will switch from a Wednesday night to a Tuesday night. We are making the change to account for conflict with community events to make it more accessible for families in Chase.

November ended with a huge community Christmas celebration on the 30th called Chase Country Christmas. Our Church was involved in the festivities and won the award for “Best Youth Float” in the
community parade. We had close to 25 people from our church dress up as characters from the nativity and we marched through the streets with some live sheep and a donkey to a small park right down town. In the park we ran a live nativity, free hot apple cider, a bonfire and a stage full of carollers. All throughout the night we were able to connect with people in the community as well as hand out over 300 invitations to our Christmas Eve service. Then on December 1 st we had some local musicians sing carols on the stage as we continued to hand out apple cider, while Mary and Joseph cared for their new born baby in the stable.

The week before Christmas we assembled another carolling team of 21 kids and adults and went out to
the senior’s home to share some songs with them as well as a nearby neighbourhood. As we sang songs we
handed out special gift bags with some treats, gift cards and invitations to our Christmas Eve Celebration to bless those in our community. At one home a lady came out and was dancing along to the music. As we
finished she broke down and shared that she had been going through a hard week with illness. She said that she had never had carollers before and that us coming for a visit made her day. She and couple others from that neighbourhood came out to church on the 24th .

Our Christmas Eve service was a blast. We had close to 60 people out all of which were from Chase.
Some of our regulars were there but a large group of people were those who we had connected with through Chase Country Christmas, carolling and Kids Zone. We sang songs, shared some stories, and had a great time celebrating together. It was an encouraging evening for everyone.

Sometimes the work out here is slow and we are continuing to try and meet with and reach into the
community. That being said God is good and even though things seem slow at times He gives us a glimpse of the work He is doing here through His church. Marshall and Judy Miner, a couple who attended church at SCC, lived in this town for a number of years. They prayed for the community and connected with their neighbours, living out the Gospel in their everyday lives. One neighbour they connected with was Cheryl and Kevin and their two kids. The Miner’s invited the kids to soccer camp a couple years ago and the family came out to attend. This year the kids could not wait for soccer camp to begin. They enjoyed a week of running around and having fun and Rachel and I were able to meet Cheryl and Kevin. We invited the family to Kids Zone and they came each week. Kevin approached me one week and told me that all his son wanted to do was read the bible. I was able to give them a Children’s Bible. Each week at Kids Zone the mom and dad sat and watched and listen to what is being said. Then on Christmas Eve, Kevin, Cheryl and the kids shook my hand as they stepped into church together as a family. I am not sure if they will come out to church again, I do know we will get to see them at Kids Zone and around the streets of Chase. Each time we do I know it our job to sow the seeds, and God does the rest and that is enough because God is good and He will build His church.

Pastor Spencer Coers
(250) 306-3527