Sermons Sermon Notes & LIFE Group Questions

Sermon Notes & LIFE Group Questions

Luke - Preparing for Changing Times
Encountering Jesus - Luke 22:35-38
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Luke - The Kingdom of God v. The World
Encountering Jesus - Luke 22:24-34
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We Are SCC - Transformative Repentance
We Are SCC - 2 Chronicles 7:11-14
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Advent - Joy to the World
Advent - Joy to the World
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Advent - O Holy Night
Christ in the Carols - Luke 2:13-16
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Advent - Hope Has Come
Christ in the Carols - John 3:16
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Advent - O Come O Come Emmanuel
Christ in the Carols - Romans 8:18-25
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Luke - Hope Comes From Remembering
Encountering Jesus - Luke 22:1-23
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Luke - When Christ Comes Back
Encountering Jesus - Luke 21:25-37
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Luke - The End Of The World Will Not Come At Once
Luke - The End Of The World Will Not Come At Once
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Luke - The Fight Against Spiritual Hypocrisy
Encountering Jesus - Luke 20:45 - 21:4
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Luke - What Happens When You Die?
Encountering Jesus - Luke 20:27-44
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Luke - The Politics of Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 20:19-26
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Luke - Christís Authority In The Gospel
Encountering Jesus - Luke 20:1-18
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Luke - Jesus' Triumphal Entry
Encountering Jesus - Luke 19:28-48
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Luke - The Kingís Return is Imminent
Encountering Jesus - Luke 19:11-27
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Luke - How Jesus Saves Rich People
Encountering Jesus: Luke 19:1-10
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Luke - We All Have a Hunger
Luke - We All Have a Hunger
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Luke - Our Desperation, His Invitation
Encountering Jesus - Luke 18:1-17
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Luke - The Kingdom Coming. The Kingdom Here.
Encountering Jesus - Luke 17:20-37
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Luke - Faith for Life
Luke - Faith for Life
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Luke - The Disciple and Money
Encountering Jesus - Luke 16:1-18
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Luke - Self-Righteousness Sounds Like
Lost Boys Part 3 - Luke 15:11-32
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Luke - Dead Man Walking
Lost Boys Part 2 - Luke 15:11-32
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Luke - How Grace Moves
Lost Boys - Part 1 Luke 15:11-32
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Luke - When God Rejoices
Encountering Jesus - Luke 15:1-7
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Luke - The Cost of Discipleship
Encountering Jesus - Luke 14:25-35
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Luke - God Wants a Full House
Encountering Jesus - Luke 14:12-24
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Luke - Pride, Privilege & Position in a Pandemic
Encountering Jesus - Luke 14:7-11
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Luke - Another Pandemic Sunday
Encountering Jesus - Luke 14:1-6
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Luke - Solidarity with the King
Encountering Jesus - Luke 13:31-35
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Luke - Narrow Door, Hell, and Knowing Christ
Encountering Jesus - Luke 13:22-30
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Luke - The Kingdom of God
Encountering Jesus - Luke 13:10-21
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We Are SCC - COVID-19: Groaning for Glory
We Are SCC - Romans 8:18-25
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Luke - COVID-19: Jesus, the Insecurity of Tragedy
Encountering Jesus - Luke 13:1-9
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Luke - COVID-19 - Judgement and Mercy
Encountering Jesus - Luke 12:49-13:5
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The Marvel of the Resurrection
Easter 2020 // Luke 24:1-12
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Luke - The Son of Man is Coming
Encountering Jesus - Luke 12:35-48
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Luke - COVID-19, Anxiety, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 12:22-34
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Luke - COVID-19 - Jesus vs. Idols
Encountering Jesus - Luke 12:13-21
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Luke - COVID-19 - Jesus vs. Fear
Encountering Jesus - Luke 12:1-12
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"Submission Doesn't Have to Suck" by Leah Campbell
Ephesians 5:21-24 // Leah Campbell
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Luke - Jesus vs. Religion
Encountering Jesus - Luke 11:37-42
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Luke - Jesus vs. Unbelief
Encountering Jesus - Luke 11:29-36
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Luke - Jesus vs. Satan
Encountering Jesus - Luke 11:14-28
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Stand Alone - Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet
Jared Wilson - John 13:1-11
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Praying Like Jesus - Ask, Seek, Knock
Praying Like Jesus - Luke 11:5-13
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Praying Like Jesus - Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Praying Like Jesus - Luke 11:4b
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Praying Like Jesus - Forgive Us Our Sins
Praying Like Jesus - Luke 11:4a
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Praying Like Jesus - Give Us Our Daily Bread
Praying Like Jesus - Luke 11:3
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Praying Like Jesus - Your Kingdom Come
Praying Like Jesus - Luke 11:2b
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Why is Jesus Prayer the Perfect Prayer?
Praying Like Jesus - Luke 11:1-2a
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Christmas Means - God Exists and that God Loves Us
Christmas Means - John 1:9
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Christmas Means -God Unified Physical w/ Spiritual
Christmas Means - John 1:14

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Christmas Means: More Blessed to Give than Receive
Christmas Means - Acts 3:1-10
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Christmas Means We Are Not Alone in the World
Christmas Means - 1 John 1:1-4
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We Are SCC - When the Pain Just Wonít Go Away
Stand Alone: Psalm 88
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Luke-Productivity, Presence, Friendship with Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 10:38-42
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Luke - The Merciful and Good Samaritan
Encountering Jesus - Luke 10:25-37
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Luke - The Spirit, The Father, Jesus and Us
Encountering Jesus - Luke 10:21-24
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Luke - Winning, Rejoicing, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 10:17-20
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Luke - Prayer, Conviction, Convictions, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 10:1-16
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Luke - The Cost of Following Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:57-62
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Luke - Cultures, Tribes, and Receiving Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:51-56
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Luke - Pride, Position, Proximity and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:46-50
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Luke - Glory, Demons, Unbelief, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:37-45
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Gospel-Centered Community
Life Groups - Acts 2:41-47
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Luke - Glory, Humanity, More Glory and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:28-36
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Luke - All-In Discipleship, True Life and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:23-27
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Luke - Perception Is Not Always Reality
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:18-22
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Luke - Jesus Always Satisfies
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9:10-17
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Luke - As I Was Sent, So I Now Send You
Encountering Jesus - Luke 9.1-9
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Luke - Sustained in Suffering by Miraculous Grace
Encountering Jesus - Luke 8:40-56
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Luke - Effects, Outcome, and Conqueror of Demons
Encountering Jesus - Luke 8:26-39
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Luke - Storms, Fatigue, Faith and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 8:22-25
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Luke - Choices, Life, Growth, Family, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 8:4-21
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Luke - Women, Partnership, Safety, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 8:1-3
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Gospel Counselling 3 Handout
Gospel Counselling 3 Handout
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Addictions and the Gospel Handout
John 6:51-69//Richard Magill
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Luke - Closeness, Tears, Forgiveness, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 7:36-50
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Luke - Doubt, Disappointment, Greatness and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 7:18-35
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Luke - Death, Resurrection, Salvation, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 7:11-17
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Luke - He Is Worthy
Encountering Jesus: Luke 7:1-10
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Luke - What Are You Building On?
Encountering Jesus - Luke 6:46-49
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Luke - Judgement, Condemnation, Grace, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 6:37-42
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Luke - Loving the people who arenít like you
Encountering Jesus - Luke 6:27-36
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Luke - Happiness, Blessedness, Discipleship, Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 6:17-26
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Luke - Discipleship, Denial, Death and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 6:12-19
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Luke - Busyness, Rest, and the Gospel
Encountering Jesus - Luke 6:1-11
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Gospel Counselling 2 Handout
Gospel Counselling 2 Handout
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Luke - How To Be Religious
Luke 5:33-39
March 30-31, 2019
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Luke - The Chosen, The Sinner, The Sick, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 5:27-32
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Luke - Friends, Forgiveness, Religion, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 5:17-26
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Luke - Abuse, Shame, Desperation, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 5:12-16
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Luke - Disciples Make Disciples
Encountering Jesus - Luke 5:1-11
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Luke - The Authority of Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 4:38-44
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Luke - Demons, Deliverance, and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 4:31-37
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Luke - The Poor, The Proud, The Prophecy and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 4:14-30
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Luke - Satan, Temptation and Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 4:1-13
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Gospel Care Seminar Notes
Gospel Care Seminar with Jason Kovacs. January 27, 2019
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Luke - Baptism, the Spirit and Jesus
Encountering Jesus: Luke 3:21-38
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Luke - Baptism with the Holy Spirit
Encountering Jesus - Luke 3:15-20
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Luke - Baptism, Repentance & Jesus
Encountering Jesus - Luke 3:1-14
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Luke - Disciples Increase
Encountering Jesus - Luke 2:40-52
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Luke - O Come All Ye Tired of Being Tired
Encountering Jesus: Luke 2:22-38
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Luke - Shepherds, Kings and Jesus
Encountering Jesus: Luke 2:8-20
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Luke - Why Christmas is a Big Deal
Encountering Jesus: Luke 2:1-7
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Luke - Kingdom of Light
Encountering Jesus: Luke 1:76-80
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Luke - Seeing Salvation
Encountering Jesus: Luke 1:67-75
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Luke - When God Visits
Encountering Jesus: Luke 1:57-66
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Luke - God Rescues
Encountering Jesus - Luke 1:45-56
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Luke - Jesus As Worship-Leader
Encountering Jesus: Luke 1:46-50
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Luke - Filled With the Spirit
Encountering Jesus - Luke 1:39-45
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Luke - Faith Believes What God Says
Encountering Jesus - Luke 1:26-38
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Luke - Jesus is the Answer to Unprayed Prayers
Encountering Jesus: Luke 1:5-25
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Luke - Confident About Christ
Encountering Jesus: Luke 1:1-4
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No Easy Answers - Is There More to Life Than This?
1 John 1:1-4
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No Easy Answers - What's Wrong With Me?
Psalm 139
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No Easy Answers - Can God Be Trusted?
Exodus 34:6-7, 10
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John Newton - Amazing Grace
1 Peter 1:13-16
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Zhang Ronliang - Standing With Christ
1 Peter 4:12-19
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Rosaria Butterfield - A Beautiful Conversion
Colossians 1:21-23, 27
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J. I. Packer: A Faithful Steward
J.I. Packer: A Faithful Steward
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Edith Schaeffer
1 Peter 4:7-11
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Charles Spurgeon - Prince of Preachers
Psalm 19:7-11
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God's Provision
Philippians 4:10-20
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Peace That Guards the Mind
Philippians 4:8-9
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Anxiety Remade
Philippians 4:2-7
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Living Clearly
Philippians 3:17-4:1
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Gospel Contentment and Discontentment
Philippians 3:12-16
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Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurrection
Philippians 3:10-11
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Blameless or Righteous
Philippians 3:4-9
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Choosing Joy
Philippians 3:1-3
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Gospel Consequences
Philippians 2:25-30
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Fresh Examples
Philippians 2:19-24
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Gospel-Driven Effort
Philippians 2:12-18
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Gospel-Driven Exaltation
Philippians 2:9-11
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Gospel-Driven Servanthood
Philippians 2:5-8
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Gospel-Driven Humility
Philippians 2:1-4
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Gospel-Worthy Living
Philippians 1:27-30
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Gospel Confidence
Philippians 1:18-26
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Gospel Suffering
Philippians 1:12-18
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The Abounding Gospel
Philippians 1:9-11
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Gospel Fellowship
Philippians 1:7-8
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Christ Like Me. Me Like Christ.
Philippians 1:3-6
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Slaves and Saints
Philippians 1:1-2
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