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Chase Update - September 2019

Hello Church,

I don’t know about you, but for our family the summer flew by. It seems like just yesterday we were marching in the Canada Day Parade and handing out cotton candy. It has been a beautiful summer, jam packed with fun. In my last email we had just finished up our Canada day celebrations and the next exciting thing on the agenda was our switch to Sunday morning Church services. On July 7t​ h​ we officially made that switch and it has been amazing! We settled on a 10am service time. The switch enabled more time for fellowship after the service as people didn’t have to race off to get kids to bed and themselves ready for work the next day. After the service kids run around and parents chat and have a second (or third) cup of coffee for the morning. It is really beautiful to see and be a part of.

This summer we hosted a couple of joint church services with our Sorrento Campus. It was really neat seeing the campuses mingle and get to know each other. One of these services was held at the Chase Memorial Park by the lake. The weather was beautiful and the view was breathtaking. The beauty of God’s creation never ceases to leave me in awe. Many people after the service shared how the beauty of that morning was witnessed by them as well.

Throughout the summer we hosted the final two movie nights of the SCC Summer Series. At each of these events we were able to meet many new people from the community. At our final showing we had just over 40 people come out, many of which were new to Church and the SCC Chase campus. We are continuing to connect with new individuals and families in Chase. Discipleship begins with relationship and each new relationship is an opportunity for the Gospel to be declared and demonstrated by our presence in the community.

This summer was the 5t​h Soccer Camp to be held in Chase. We had just over 25 kids come out for the week to have some fun and hear about Jesus. As in past years the fields were full of kids and the sideline was littered with moms, dads and grandparents who also got to hear the gospel preached. This year in Chase, we resurrected Soccer Sunday. We invited all the families from the week out to church for a special soccer service and awards ceremony. We had three new families join us for church and it was one of our best attended Sundays of the year. One boy came and his mother was really excited to learn about our Kids Zone program launching again this fall. She hopes to be able to have him attend Kids Zone because he had so much fun at Soccer Camp.

My family was able to get away for a holiday this summer. We traveled to Alberta to visit family for a week and were away for a Sunday. We are always praying that God would provide workers for the harvest. In our small congregation God was faithful. We had Chase campus members set up, lead music and even preach while we were away. One of the music leaders that served that Sunday said that it was really exciting, like having mom and dad leave the kids home alone for the weekend! The church is small, and slowly growing but God is faithful and we know and trust that he will continue to build his church in Chase for His glory.

As our eyes turn towards the fall we have many things to be excited and thankful for. SCC Chase is really beginning to put down roots in the community. We have had some new people join the church and more people still checking us out and getting to know us in the community. This fall with the re-launch of Kids Zone and the start up of a Youth Group we will continue to meet new people. With each new relationship comes the prayer of one day being able to introduce them to Jesus. Please continue to pray for workers for the harvest, for our family, the people of SCC Chase and for lost people to be saved!


Pastor Spencer Coers (250) 306-3527